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Understanding Your Customers’ “Jobs to be Done” by Clayton Christensen

Discover the power of understanding your customers' 'Jobs to be Done'. This comprehensive guide explores the concept, provides a customer-centric formula for defining jobs, and offers insights into creating products and services that resonate with customers' needs, emotions, and social contexts. Unleash your business's potential by truly knowing your customers
The 3 Question Entrepreneur's Compass
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The 3 Question Entrepreneur’s Compass

Tailored for startup founders, this article provides an in-depth analysis of the essential questions that shape entrepreneurial success. It explores the intersection of personal goals, strategic planning, and execution, offering valuable insights for founders. It's an ideal roadmap, guiding founders through the challenging terrain of entrepreneurship.
A Manager's Blueprint for Discovery-Driven Growth in Business
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A Manager’s Blueprint for Discovery-Driven Growth in Business

Explore the concept of discovery-driven growth, a strategy proposed by Columbia Business School Professor Rita McGrath. This approach flips traditional business planning on its head, advocating for learning and adaptability over rigid expectations and goals. Dive into its principles and learn how to successfully incorporate it into your business to navigate uncertainties and seize growth opportunities.