3 ways our brains can sabotage our leadership abilities

Leadership is a skill that we can hone but also a process that our brains can undermine

1. Future Focus:
Leaders need to be forward-thinking, but our brains are wired to prioritize the immediate and short-term. It’s a survival instinct. However, leadership requires us to think long-term to anticipate industry trends, future skills requirements, and customer needs. It’s a skill that we can learn. Set aside monthly time to envision where your team will be in three to six months. Then, work backward to figure out how to get there.

2. People Skills:
Leadership is about people. It’s about connecting with and motivating your team. But often, people are promoted to leadership positions because of their technical competence rather than their people skills. The challenge is to balance goal focus, and people focus. It’s a rare combination, but those who can master both are considered great leaders. Remember, your team members are not chess pieces. They are human beings with their motivations and needs.

3. Realistic Results:
Power can make us overly optimistic, leading to unrealistic targets and expectations. This can create a disconnect between leaders and their teams. As a leader, you need to balance being visionary with being detail-oriented. Seek other perspectives to stay grounded in reality. Set people-focused goals that are tied to the welfare of others.

• • •

Remember, leadership is not about power. It’s about service. It’s about helping your team succeed. And sometimes, that means overcoming our own brain’s tendencies.”

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